How One Auburn Student-Athlete Lives the Auburn Creed

Athletics are often upheld as the pinnacle of Southeastern Conference (SEC) universities. When many people think of Auburn University or the University of Alabama, they think one thing: sports.

Behind these reputable SEC sports teams are the dedicated student-athletes who work tirelessly to put in hours of practice, as well as exceed in academics.

Meet Tali Milde, a junior from Douglasville, GA, majoring in apparel merchandising. Milde played third baseman for the Auburn University Women’s Softball Team her freshman year. Milde says everything she did as a student-athlete revolved around living the Auburn Creed, a set of values which perfectly captures the spirit of Auburn.

“I believe in work, hard work.”

“Getting up at 5 a.m. for practice every morning was not easy,” Milde recalled of her experience. She said, “We knew we would only become better through practicing, and sometimes, that means sacrificing sleep. Working hard for our team was rewarding, because we knew the hard work was going somewhere.”

“Winning the SEC Championship was a dream,” said Milde. “We were all on cloud 9. Nothing in my college career will ever top that.”

“I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.”

Also, Milde spoke of how college sports differ from high school sports. “Playing in college is so different. The stakes are higher, and classes are harder.” She said the sports/academic balance was one of the hardest things she had to learn.

“Adjusting to college academics are tough for everyone,” said Milde, “but studying for exams and attending lectures while having 5 hour practices every day really takes a toll. It teaches you how important it is not to slack in your classes.”

“I believe in Auburn and love it.”

Another thing Milde said is that even though softball was tough, it showed her how much love she had for Auburn University.

“One thing I know is that I could not love a school more. Playing for Auburn showed me that every hard moment, every bead of sweat and every grueling practice made me proud to represent my university,” said Milde.

Finally, Milde believes in Auburn and loves it.





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