Why Broadcast Journalism: A Student’s Perspective

Walking into the interview, Lauren Youmans is posh and polished. In her leggings, casual tee and sleek ponytail, she seems to have the casual-athletic trend figured out. As we sit to start the interview, one thing is clear: she’s a natural people person.

Youmans, hailing from the Sunshine State, says Auburn was the logical choice for her college education. “I’ve grown up in an Auburn family my whole life. I think my first words were War Eagle,” Youmans jokes.

After the rock-solid decision made to come to Auburn, choosing her major was the next logical step. “I knew I wanted to help people,” expressed Youmans. “I’m not good with blood and guts, so being a doctor was out of the question,” giggles Youmans.

Why Broadcast Journalism

Though Youmans knew she wanted to help people, the next step was figuring out how. “I have always loved being in front of the camera” says Youmans. “That’s why I chose broadcast journalism. I can remember making my younger sisters do fashion shows with me when we were little,” she fondly remembers. “It’s just comfortable for me. I truly love it.”

Youmans knew that broadcast journalism was a very competitive field. “I knew in order to succeed in my field, an internship was crucial. Thankfully, Tampa Bay’s Fox 13 co-anchor Kelly Ring is a family friend. She offered me an internship last summer at Fox 13, and it was eye-opening.”

When asked why broadcast journalism is important to her, Youmans said, “There is so much unreliable media out there today. I want to broadcast news that’s relevant and accurate.”

As far as being in front of or behind the camera, Youmans hasn’t decided yet. “I love being in front of the camera. I really do. But I also love working the equipment, writing stories and editing video content.”

As for now, Youmans’ main focus is graduating and finding a job. “Who knows where life will take me post-grad,” Youmans says. “For now, I am enjoying my final classes and soaking in my last college experiences. But I can’t wait to see where broadcast journalism takes me.”





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